🔲 Help with setting your widget

With widgets, you can get timely information from the app at a glance. With iOS 14 and later, you can use widgets on your Lock Screen and Home Screen.

My widget got stucked or it doesn't update

Try closing the app and reopening it. You can also try removing the widget and adding a new one.

It may take some time to update the widget by itself. If you want to force it, try deleting and reinstalling the app (all your data will be lost).

If none of those work, please let us know and we'll forward your issue to our development team.

How do I add to my Lock Screen?

With iOS 16, you can add widgets to your Lock Screen to get quotes and affirmations at a glance.

If the app is not in the list, please make sure you first open the app and you're on the latest version of the app. Sometimes it takes a few hours to appear, but you can try restarting your iPhone to force an update.

How do I add widgets to my Home Screen?

You can add manually the widgets to your home screen. The instructions can be seen on Apple’s website or Google or below:

You can update your widget preferences, such as the topics you want to read, the theme, and the refresh frequency in the app if you go to Profile > Widgets. You can set a Standard or Custom widget there and, once created, set it from the phone's home screen.

If you are experiencing trouble with the widget, we suggest restarting your device or reinstalling the app (you will lose your data).

How do I personalise my Home Screen widget?

You can create and edit different Home Screen widgets in the app if you go to Profile > Widgets. You can personalise them with the theme you like, the content you want to see, and the refresh frequency.

To use these widgets on your phone's home screen, please hold the widget until you see the menu and tap "Edit Widget." Select one of the preset custom widgets you've defined in the app.

How do I personalise my Lock Screen widget?

You can edit your widget when editing them from your Lock Screen. After adding the widget, tap on it to set your preferences.